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My Weekly Cleaning Routine

Happy Tuesday! Hooray!  Hooray!  Today I'm going to talk about my cleaning routine (hahahaha)!  I know for some people cleaning routines might be like watching paint dry, and for others its super exciting and you want all the ideas you can get.  I fall into the latter category and love to read all-the-things about home… Continue reading My Weekly Cleaning Routine

chronic illness, habits, holidays

Holiday Planning When You’re Chronically Ill…

Hey there.  It was a long week!  I had doctors appointments Monday, Wednesday and Friday, changes in medications, a bone density test, a traveling husband, a flu shot for my kiddo, and lots of preparations for upcoming birthdays and the holidays.  Getting it done took a lot of energy and focus last week, but we… Continue reading Holiday Planning When You’re Chronically Ill…

Infusion Day

What’s a Remicaid Infusion Like?

Hey There!  Today I'm writing from my infusion chair at the hospital.  I figured it might be nice to explain what this experience is like for those of you who are facing this as part of your care, for those supporting someone with chronic illness, and for those who are just curious. I hope that… Continue reading What’s a Remicaid Infusion Like?