Infusion Day, routines

Infusion Day Prep

Hey There!

I have been on monthly Remicaid for most of 2019.  It is an infusion that takes about 4 hours at the hospital start to finish, which equals about 6 hours away from home when you include commute time.  That’s a huge chunk of the day!!!  So, today I wanted to write a quick post about how I prepare.

It starts the day before with…


Food prep!  And, of course lots of support from Bogey the Great;)  I food prep most weeks, but when I have my infusions, its essential.  After this session I will have the components of 4 meals in the fridge ready for us to enjoy.  The work only takes about an hour, but pays off in dividends when I’m exhausted at the end of the day.  Lately I have been using the cookbook, “Cook Once Eat All Week” by Cassy Joy Garcia (not sponsored;)).  I have found most of the recipes to be a good fit for our family, but mostly enjoy learning her method of food prepping.  Spend a little time up front to have a break later in the week.  My kinda gal!

There are a few other things I do to prepare for my infusion day, which include:

  1. Sticking to my habits and routines
  2. Packing a lunch and snack for myself the night before since I am at the hospital all day
  3. Preparing my water bottles the night before
  4. Making sure my bag is packed with all of my infusion essentials


These are some of the things I like to bring with me to the hospital.  My current reads (Queen Bee is a fabulous book).  The paisley pouch contains my latest crochet.  The green and white pouch is my “walking pharmacy” with my lip balms, lipsticks, lotion, and first aid type things in it.  The blue pouch has chargers in it.  And, of course, Ginger Chews for that constantly queasy stomach of mine.  Cannot leave home without them;)

If you get infusions done, how do you prepare?  What do you find comforting to take with you?  I’d love to hear…

I hope this post finds you thriving and well,


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