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My Weekly Cleaning Routine

Happy Tuesday!

Hooray!  Hooray!  Today I’m going to talk about my cleaning routine (hahahaha)!  I know for some people cleaning routines might be like watching paint dry, and for others its super exciting and you want all the ideas you can get.  I fall into the latter category and love to read all-the-things about home keeping and organizing, hence my blog, ha-ha!  But, the truth is, we all need to clean our living spaces whether we like it or not.  And the trick is to figure out how to do it without killing ourselves, am I right!?!?!?

My cleaning routine has come together like many of my other routines, simply by trial and error throughout the year.  With my limited energy from four chronic illnesses (sigh) I cannot tackle my whole house in one day.  Nope, not gonna happen.  So, instead I spend 15 minutes a day working on a cleaning task throughout my whole house and then I’m done!  Now some days my task does take a little longer, like when I clean the bathrooms. But, even then it is usually about 20-25 minutes for all 3 bathrooms.  The key to this type of cleaning is consistency.  If you have read My Morning Routine then you know that I do a quick swipe of our bathrooms daily.  I learned this from the flylady.  This 2 minute step keeps the build up away so when cleaning day comes, its really not that difficult.  My whole system that I’ve put together is all done with the intention of building on itself to make my life easier, not to create more work!

So, lets get onto this magical cleaning routine, shall we?  Each day is dedicated to a specific cleaning task.  If you are looking to incorporate something like this into your week, it does not need to be done in this order.  Simply do what works for you!

  1. Monday is dusting day.  I start in my entry and work my way in a circle around the first floor and then move up to the second floor laundry room and work my way in a circle up there.  I use a cleaning cloth, which is just a piece of an old towel and some pledge.  Then I come back down stairs and use a duster with an extender pole to dust the treads of stairs along side the runner.
  2. Tuesday is glass/windows/door knobs and light switches.  Starting in the entry and working in the same pattern as above I clean all decorative mirrors (not bathroom mirrors), glass in picture frames, reachable windows and give a quick wipe to door knobs and light switches as I pass by them.  I again use a piece of an old towel and some window cleaner.  I like seventh generation, and method.  But also like windex without ammonia;)
  3. Wednesday is vacuuming day.  I start in the living room and work my way around the first floor, and then up to the second floor guest room and work my way around up there.  I mainly vacuum the carpets and quickly use the attachments on the family room sofa where Bogey the Great lays.  When I can I use my big Dyson, but some days I am only able to use my cordless Shark light weight vacuum.  But, hey a light vacuum is still vacuuming in my book;)
  4. Thursday is mopping day.  We have hard wood floors in our entry through to our kitchen and family room, and this is my only focus.  The bathroom floors get mopped when I clean the bathrooms.  I first go around with my Swiffer to dust the floors.  Then I use a mop by casabella that has a refillable bottle for cleaner (I use Bona) and a removable microfiber cleaning cloth.
  5. Friday is bathroom cleaning day.  I start in the downstairs bathroom and then clean the upstairs two.  I use pieces of old towel for cleaning cloths and multiple cleaning products.  We have marble countertops and floors, so I have to be kind of careful with which cleaners I choose.  Honestly, it’s pretty annoying.  I start by squirting toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet to let that sit.  Next, I dust the floors with a swiffer so that if they get wet the dust and hair doesn’t get stuck.  Thats just plain gross;) Then I spray the showers and tubs with cleaner.  I wipe and rinse those and then move onto the mirrors, and work my way down to the faucets, sinks and counter tops.  Then I move onto the toilet and give that a good wipe down, and swish the toilet cleaner.  Then I mop my way out of the bathrooms and I’m done!
  6. Saturday is bedding day.  I remove the sheets from all the beds and put on fresh ones.  Then I wash, dry, fold and put away the clean set for the next week.  I like having two sets per room because then I’m not staring at unmade beds until the sheets are clean.  Also, because I have a little boy.  And it just seems that EVERY time they get the stomach flu it happens in the middle of the night.  So back up sheets and mattress pads for the win!

So there you have it.  My cleaning routine for the week laid out in all its glory, ha-ha!

Take good care,


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