Happy New Year!

Hey Y’all!

It’s January!  A fresh start, and a new decade!

So, I took a nice loooooong break from writing over the holidays.  It wasn’t planned, but some things came up that demanded my energy and time.  It started with a steroid eye drop taper.  Not a huge deal, but in the beginning its 4 drops a day so you’re definitely dealing with your eyeballs a lot more than usual, ha-ha!  What really ended up stealing the show was a round of biopsies.  Multiple doctors appointments, procedures and recoveries smack in the middle of the holidays, well, it kinda ruins the mood a bit.  Not to mention waiting for results while singing Christmas carols in church on Christmas Eve!?!?  Holding the tears back was a serious triumph.  I’ll write a separate post about these another day because I think it is an important share, but for now I’m just not ready to be very public about it all.  So, more to come on that;

But, in the end we had a wonderful, slow holiday season.  Our Elf (Jingle) came, Santa delivered big time, we hiked, we played all the board games, we watched the Grinch a million times because #7yearoldinthehouse, we took naps, we swam, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights, and just soaked in some much needed family time.  I feel like even with all that was going on, I was still able to recharge and restore my courage, hope and faith that I can get through anything I am asked to.  I truly hope you all had a great holiday season as well!

I’m looking forward to what this year has in store for my little blog.  I’m hoping to continue to connect with people, share my crazy little life, and hope to bring encouragement and support where it is needed.  There’s lots more to come about cleaning routines, cleaning up my house (yikes!), and sharing the life of a mom with multiple chronic illnesses.  I hope you’ll continue to read, and let me know what you want to hear or see more of.

Take good care,


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